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What will you expect to find in my pages?

If you will follow me I will guide you in the discovery about the truth behind the most interesting questions of humanity. Questions like where do we come from? Who we are? Where are we going? Follow me and each of those questions will find an answer.

Well… I must be serious… I had the need of a professional email box and the cost of both email and domain was just a little bit higher…

But now you are here so take a quick look through my pages, maybe you will find something interesting.

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Scott on tour 2018

This year I was honored by being part of the technical team that assisted SCOTT on Tour 2018 users in the Turinese stop. For those who do not know the SCOTT on Tour I dedicate a few lines to explain in brief what this fantastic event consists of.

Feel the magazine

Maybe you are wondering why I am writing about a design magazine. This is a kind of reward for the commitment that I feel about each FeelDesain article. Let me start from the beginning, I want to tell you about my experience with another magazine in a similar field.