Rome Maker Faire 2017

The coming week-end (from the 1st until the 3rd of December 2017) Rome will hosts the fifth edition of the faire dedicated to the Maker movement.

First thing, clarify what we are talking about:


You are a maker even though you are not aware of that.

Have you ever faced a problem or a need that you decided to solve with an home made solution? If your reply is yes, you are a maker too.

When we talk about a makers, we are talking about a movement that produce home-made solution and tools to solve daily problems. Often the Maker idea I strictly connected to the world of DIY with a strong technological component.

Maker Faire 2017 in Roma

The Rome Maker Faire is one of the most important Makers related events in Europe.

You can find a little bit of story of the fair on the official website

The most important show about the innovation topic.

A family-friendly event with inventions and creativity that celebrates the “DIY” culture in the technological field that is behind the “Makers movement”. This is the place where creators and fans of all ages and backgrounds meet to present their projects and share their knowledge and discoveries.

MAKER FAIRE was born in 2006 in the Bay Area area of San Francisco as a project of the magazine Make: magazine . Since then he has grown into a world wide network of leading events and independent events.

Special offers

I wrote this article because I was attracted by the offer I recently received from the Polytechnics of Turin: all university students, on Friday 1 December 2017, will be able to access the fair paying the reduced price of 3 € by showing the university entrance card.

All information about dates, time, prices and discounts are available here.