Scott on tour 2018

This year I was honored by being part of the technical team that assisted SCOTT on Tour 2018 users in the Turinese stop.

For those who do not know the SCOTT on Tour I dedicate a few lines to explain in brief what this fantastic event consists of.

The tour

SCOTT, the US born brand, organizes a series of events for its admirers to show and to test bicycles available for purchase during the coming season.

Why me?

Thanks to my previous collaborations with Dario Sumin as a mechanic, I was invited to join the mechanics crew who assisted the hundreds of people present on 22 September 2018 at the Turinese stage of the event.

Here a brief interview with Dario Sumin in his shop a few days before the event (sorry, this is in italian):

Let’s start by removing some rust

I must be honest, a part from the ordinary maintenance that I regularly carry out on my bicycles, I had not worked for others for some years. Some worries was normal, but the only way I found it to overcome them was to enjoy the Deathgrip movie on Netflix in good company the night before the event.

The Turin stage the 22nd and the 23rd of September 2018

As mentioned above, my experience is limited to Saturday 22nd of September 2018, a great success for the number of tests carried out, for the pleasant atmosphere and for the harmony of the team of mechanics that took part to the event.

On Sunday, to my great displeasure, I was flying to Cuba: D

Models shown

Under the spotlight the new Ransom, the Addict Gravel and the E-Ride line equipped with the new Shimano engines.

The missing one was the Scale, many riders asked us why this decision was made. The explanation is very simple: Scott has always made of innovation his workhorse and many of the improvements made every year are still well established and characterize the brand (see TwinLoc system). These missing models are part of a line already well-known by fans, for this reason the Swiss brand has decided to show off the greatest innovations of the year.  A winning choose in my opinion.

The mountain bikes

SCOTT is one of the most discusses MTB brands, sometimes for the consecutive victories of the XC world cup and sometimes for his models outside the box compared to other big brands. Let’s see in detail what has been presented to us this year.

Ransom 900 Tuned

The most desired by all enduro fans and the return of an old love for me. Yes, the old Ransom, back in 2006 was my first enduro bike. It was then called All-Mountain bicycle, not enduro, but also the previous model allowed me to have some great satisfactions.

This model really amazed me for pedalability. The 29″ wheels offer remarkable smoothness on very rough roads both uphill and downhill.

Compared to my current Genius LT 710 model 2016 they have increased a lot comfort and stability downhill. I found it a little shorter then mine on the same size, a change appreciated by all the people who tested this model. I hope I will soon have the opportunity to take a more deep test to try out the advantages and disadvantages of these new geometries. I will update you as soon as possible.

Given the large number of visitors interested in the tests I could not test this little gem in details. Just enjoy the official trailer for the moment, I will make a deeper test in future:

Strenght brought to us by the factory:

  • Carbon frame HMX Ransom
  • TwinLoc suspension system with 3 setup (Lockout-Traction Control-Descend)
  • Fork FOX 36 Float Factory Air / Kashima – FIT4 with 170mm travel and QR axle 15x110mm
  • Rear shock FOX NUDE TR EVOL Trunnion Kashima with djustable travel (170mm – 120mm – Lockout)
  • Wheelset Syncros Revelstoke 1.5 TR
  • FOX telescopic seatpost
  • Steering angle 65°

All that available for about 591€/Kg.
(Weight 13,2Kg and € 7.799,00 price list)

Genius ultimate

I was a little absent from all the innovations that landed in this world but, as a good nerd, my attention was captured by this Genius.

The Genius is a model designed to take you easily everywhere, from the climbing of the mountain to the adrenalinic descend. Suitable for all mountain lovers who do not want to give up comfort during the long offroad trips.


Model already known equipped by with some intelligence, a particular mono FOX Kashima with Live Valve electronic system. This precious component add a smart feeling to a bike already rich in technology:

  • Carbon frame HMX Genius
  • Rear shock FOX Kashima, with electronic system Live Valve and 150mm travel
  • Wheelset Syncros Revelstoke 1.0 TR
  • FOX telescopic seatpost

This masterpiece of the technique weighs only 12.4Kg for a list price of € 10.699,00.

Genius 910

Model slightly lower in components than the previous one, but respectable anyway.


The producer report:

  • Genius carbon frame HMF
  • TwinLoc suspension system
  • Fork FOX 34 Float Performance Elite Air QR with 15x110mm R axle and Lockout
  • Rear shock FOX NUDE TR EVOL Trunnion with travel and geometry adjustment, 3 settings (150‑100 mm-Lockout)
  • Wheelset Syncros Revelstoke 2.0 TR
  • FOX telescopic seatpost

Your for 414€/Kg.
(13.30Kg and € 5.499,00 price list)

Spark 910-930

An XC bike designed from the experiences of the XC World Cup. Lightness and agility in a bike dedicated to the races combined with the 120mm travel of the suspension, gives life to a bike ready for anything.

I didn’t had the oportunity to test those two XC monsters:SCOTT Spark 910 - 2019SCOTT Spark 930 - 2019

Spark frame design and geometry updated, TwinLoc suspension system, SRAM groupset and Syncros components.

Respectively 12.20Kg for € 4,949.00 for the Spark 910 and 13,10Kg for € 3,799.00 for the Spark 930.


About the road line, as a roadbiker with a muddy soul, I opted to the test of the gravel version. However, the top models of the Addict and Foil line were available for testing. Let’s see some specs.

Addict RC 10

The SCOTT Addict RC 10 is equipped with a HMF carbon frame and fork that weigh respectively 860g and 360g. This version is supplied with high-end components to get an extremely strong and lightweight bike, ready for any mountain stage.

SCOTT Addict RC 10 - 2019

Component listed under this model are:

  • Addict HMF / IMP Carbon technology Road Race geometry frame
  • Shimano Dura-Ace groupset
  • Syncros components

The Addict RC 10 has been designed to reduce the weight, without losing reliability and strenght:

7,26Kg for a listed price of € 3.999,00.

Foil RC

Stage wins at the Grand Tours, winner of the Milan-San Remo, Liege-Bastogne-Liege and Paris-Roubaix classics. The FOIL is the most versatile aerodynamic bike on the market. The SCOTT FOIL 10 was designed to help you earn those precious seconds more.

SCOTT Foil 10 - 2019

With the Syncros integrated stem and the Shimano Ultegra Di2, the FOIL 10 is a true competition bike at a very competitive price.

  • FOIL HMF / IMP, F01 AERO Carbon tech frame
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset
  • Syncros carbon components

7,86Kg weight and € 4.399,00 price.


Although this is not something new, I have been using my road bike to cross some small dirt roads that I meet from time to time in the lower part of Susa Valley and in the Canavese area. The gravel is the type of bike that I had been waiting for years and that I didn’t had the chance to try before.

Addict Gravel 10

The SCOTT Addict Gravel 10 Disc is designed to tackle any path, anywhere, in any conditions.

SCOTT Addict Gravel 10 - 2019

Despite I came from my current road bike, a SCOTT Speedster with aluminum frame and carbon fork, I really found myself on that bike. Compared to road models, the re-engineered frame increase comfort and vibration absorption.

The wider handlebars wide open to the outside on the bottom part make the bike ideal for use on dirt roads and simple mountain trails.

The appropriate gear ratio is great minded for a mixed use with a single 42 teeth crown forward and a 11/42 cassette back.

The 700x35C tires offer a good feeling on the turin’s grounds. The thicker carcass increases driving comfort overcoming for the lack of suspension systems.

What to say, the gravel will certainly be the product that will replace my current road bike.

Weight 7.62 Kg and € 5.799.00 per price list.


The E-Ride line has been renewed this year, especially at the technological level. The Shimano E-8000 engine offers many innovations compared to the first e-bike models I’ve tried in the past years. First of all the walk mode.

Genius e-ride tuned

The SCOTT Genius eRide 900 Tuned takes everything you love about the new Genius, adding a bit of boost. With the new Shimano STEPS system, a modern geometry, FOX suspension and the TwinLoc suspension system.

Riding uphill along the most impervious single-tracks is no longer a pain, the boost of the E-8000 is fluid and constant.

The walk mode is for me the big news, the extra pounds made by the engine and the battery are no longer a problem even when the path do not allow you to cycle. This mode keeps the engine running even if you are walking aside the Genius helping to overcome the most complicated portage traits.

About components:

  • Alluminium Genius eRide frame
  • TwinLoc suspension system
  • Fork FOX 36 Float Factory Air / Kashima, FIT4 remote, 3 mode, QR axle 15x110mm
  • Rear shock FOX NUDE TR EVOL Trunnion with adjustable travel and geometry, 3 settings (150-100mm-Lockout)
  • Shimano E-8000 engine, integrated battery
  • Wheelset DT Swiss H1825 TR
  • FOX telescopic seatpost

The weight of this smal friride motorbike is 23,60Kg and the price list € 6.999,00.

Axis evo e-ride

The touring model with pedal assistance, I will be direct, I no longer want to write: D


So many great innovations presented, I can not wait to try out these new models more intensively on the mountains of my valley .

Now I can fly  away!