Feel the magazine

Maybe you are wondering why I am writing about a design magazine. This is a kind of reward for the commitment that I feel about each FeelDesain article. Let me start from the beginning, I want to tell you about my experience with another magazine in a similar field.

The other

Last week I paid for two years subscription to a famous fashion magazine. The name of the magazine doesn’t matter, I will only tell you that they also have a website and a digital version.  I often read printed copies of their magazine while I am traveling or simply waiting for my turn at different shops. Printed copies are available in different languages and you can find them worldwide. This is just to clarify the size of the business.

As I told I paid a two years subscription. I am often travelling, so I wanted to be free to read it everywhere without the need of having papers with me. I bought the digital version.

After the purchasing, in order to read my copies, I had to install their application. Then I made the login to my account and I started reading my first copy. Here I found out all the problems that I often see in quite big companies:

  • probably they outsourced the development of their application: obviously a magazine doesn’t have an internal developers for such things
  • probably their designer and editors are the best professionals when we talk about paper: digital is completely a different world
  • they invested a lot on digitals but no one in the company really “speak” binary

As a result of that I was in front of a good looking application completely unusable. Thousands of megabytes of my connection wasted to download one single issue of the magazine and many other problems.

Now I can go forward to the real subject of the article.

Feel Magazine

Few hours after my subscription to the famous magazine I found-out that my favourite design portal is preparing the second issue of their printed copy: Feel Magazine.

Reasons to buy

Reason 1 – Contents

I am subscribed to FeelDesain portal and to all their social pages since many years. I can say that I am devoted to them because I always find good quality articles.

Reason 2 – Support real professionals

They will not make the same mistakes that big and old-fashioned magazines are doing. I have investigated about them and they are not driven by big capitals, investors or others. They are driven by passion. Behind this portal there are few but good professionals that spend their time in consultancy and personal growth. FeelDesain is a good way to allow themselves to continuously observe, improve and report what happen in the design world.

Reason 3 – It looks good!

If you still have doubts you want one more reason take a look to their website: www.feel-magazine.com . The magazine itself is a piece of design that will fit perfectly in your house, office or shop.


My suggestion? Subscribe to their mailing list to be informed about new issues and get early access to their products.