Talking about Snowscoot

This article about snowscoot is dedicated to all fans of sports and mountains, to people looking for something new, something adrenalinic, something that allows you to rediscover the pleasure of living mountains during winter. At the same time I would like to talk all the people who during that cold season go to say hello to their two-wheeled friends sleeping in the garage.

If you recognize yourself in what we mentioned above we have something for you!


Invented in France in 1991 by Monsieur Franck Petoud during the Concours L├ępine . During this competition Petoud obtained as a prize the filing of the patent of his invention and a diploma of honour.

In 1996 the inventor of this sport decided to promote his product starting a production in collaboration with Sunn, a famous French mountain bike manufacturer.

Two years later, in 1998, the Snowscoot was presented on the ski slopes of 10 nations, the first international competition and the first world championships were organized. Over the years, various groups of enthusiasts and associations for the promotion of snowscoot have been founded.

In 2011, Snowscoot World was founded, a small international portal born to promote this sport. Year after year, together with the growth of presence on social networks, this portal has become the reference point for thousands of fans all over the world.

Today over 50,000 snowscoots have been sold worldwide and the number continues to grow despite the economic crisis and the high cost of the product.

The first Snowscoot producer is called Insane Toys, this brand has its headquarters in Switzerland and it’s currently owned by the founder Franck Petoud. Dozens of other producers were born around the world, you can find a small list on Snowscoot World .

How to ride?

Snowscoot is a very intuitive snow sport and anyone can learn after a couple of lessons. Being a skier or snowboarder speeds up learning because you already know the basics of sliding on the snow. But even for newbies of ski slopes the learning time is very short.

Below you will find a short video explaining some fundamentals of this sport. (English subtitles are available, just enable them on the YouTube screen)

What about ski lifts?

A video is more effective than a thousand words (especially if the words are in Slovenian… LOL). Here you can find some videos from all over the world that explain how to approach the various types of lifts:




We have no media available for the gondola lifts, but a small guide on how to transport it can be equally useful for understanding the approach.


Are you a lucky owner of a snowscoot but do not know where you are allowed to ride?

About that argument I suggest you take a look at this map .


If you are searching for more information take a look at the underneath links: