FreeCAD – Export in .DAE format

A few days ago I was working on one of my own projects, in particular I was designing some part to print using my 3D printer, when I faced the need to export them to other software.

The platform that I used to model my stuff is FreeCAD and I usually export my projects in .OBJ format for slicing them and print using PronterFace.

This time a friend asked me a copy of my project to work together on it, but he is a Mac user was requesting .DAE format to use with the SketchUp or Autodesk.

Once I selected my objects to export in .DAE format I saw on the bottom of the screen the error: “pycollada not found, collada support is disabled”.

I tried to understand what pycollada is and I discovered that it is a Python COLLADA library. COLLADA? Here Wikipedia did it’s work perfectly.

Ok now, I identified the problem, let’s solve it.

How to fix

First check if you have Python and GIT installed. I was surprised to discover that my system didn’t have it by default. If you are not sure, run the following command on your terminal:

python --version

git --version

If the replies are the Python and GIT versions you are done. Otherwise install Python and GIT before.

Then install all the proper requirements as superuser:

apt-get install python-setuptools python-lxml python-numpy python-dateutil

Now copy the pycollada library on your local drive running the command:

git clone git:// pycollada

Go to the just downloaded folder:

cd pycollada

Now install pycollada as superuser:

python install

Restart your system and you are ready to export .DAE file from your FreeCAD installation.


Publication date06/01/2021
EnvironmentLinuxDebian GNU 10 (Buster)