3D Printing – Troubleshoot bad printing quality

You should certainly run into poor quality printing along your 3d printing career. Let’s see some useful tips about how to solve those problems.

My experience with 3D printer is quite short, but since I have been involved in 3D printing I periodically fall back into these problems so I decided to share some of my notes.

Let’s see how to analyze some problems related to your printer and how to solve them.

Areas of analysis

Our 3D printer is a delicate balance of mechanics, electronics and physics of materials. Each of these areas can affect the result of our printing.

In troubleshooting our problems it is necessary to keep in mind some factors that can lead us back to the possible causes of the various problems:

  • printer calibration
  • printing parameters
  • filament (quality and status)
  • printer maintenance

In order not to go too far, I refer you to some articles that can help us in the resolution of a particular symptom:

Print plate adhesion

Printing parameter

Filament status

I will update the different cases as they arise during my printing experiences.