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FreeCAD – Export in .DAE format

A few days ago I was working on one of my own projects, in particular I was designing some part to print using my 3D printer, when I faced the need to export them to other software.

FreeCAD – Solve startup issue on Debian 10

I started designing objects using FreeCAD during the COVID-19 lockdown in Italy. I’ll talk more in details about my experience with this software, but for the moment I’ll stay focused on an easy issue that I found and solved on the latest Debian distribution.

The Linux Terminal

Nowadays, despite the frenetic evolution faced by graphical interfaces, the Terminal is still a very important tools on whichever Operative System we are working on. Mastering the usage of Terminal simplifies our life and shortens waiting times.

There are cases in which is not possible to use the graphical interface, nor the Remote Desktop services. Here become mandatory the abilities to use the terminal to send commands remotely. The usage of SSH is a good example.

Scott on tour 2018

This year I was honored by being part of the technical team that assisted SCOTT on Tour 2018 users in the Turinese stop.

For those who do not know the SCOTT on Tour I dedicate a few lines to explain in brief what this fantastic event consists of.

Feel the magazine

Maybe you are wondering why I am writing about a design magazine. This is a kind of reward for the commitment that I feel about each FeelDesain article. Let me start from the beginning, I want to tell you about my experience with another magazine in a similar field.

Talking about Snowscoot

This article about snowscoot is dedicated to all fans of sports and mountains, to people looking for something new, something adrenalinic, something that allows you to rediscover the pleasure of living mountains during winter. At the same time I would like to talk all the people who during that cold season go to say hello to their two-wheeled friends sleeping in the garage.

Security Flaw in MacOS High Sierra

Few hours ago we got the information that a security bug has been discovered on the latest version of the operative system developed by the famous brand of the bitten apple.