Doctor in Business Engineering and Technology enthusiast. Since when I was a child I was interested in the technologies and since then I always tried to understand how all things around me works.

I had the luck of having the first computer at home  since 1995. That old tools allowed me to discover the IT world, a world that fascinated me since the beginning. I never had the opportunity to study computer science or programming at school  because I followed Scientific/Classical studies at first and Engineering / Management afterwards. Despite that I have always tried to increase as much as possible my skills in that field.

Another interest that characterize my life is mechanics. Bicycles and motorcycles were always present in my life. I often spent whole nights in dismounting and reassembling bikes and engines (see my old video where I dismount and mount a motorbike). Thanks to this passion I began my first job at the bicycle shop Cicli Sumin Dario.

I love travelling, both for work and tourism. It’s fantastic to discover new cultures, new environments and new people. This is a great way to improve yourself and better appreciate your home country once came back.

Last but not least, my passion for outdoor activities. I’ve tried a quite a lot of them: Mountain Biking, Road cycling, Snowscooting, Diving, Skydiving, Enduro, Motocross, Running, Trail running, Sailing, Climbing, Boxing and Body Building and many others.

I am enthusiastic, full of ideas and projects. Follow me to stay up to date.