I always made consultancies since the beginning of my career, but I realized what a consultant really is between in the latest days of 2018 and early 2019. Before I was thinking that I was just making works that was too boring for other people in my customer companies. Speaking with some friends and colleagues, I understood that being a consultant is not only that.

So, what do I mean using the word consultancy? A consultant must have the ability to:

  • identifying a problem
  • analyze root causes
  • find a solution
  • apply the solution

A consultant is not a superhero, theoretically he can do everything, but he often takes advantage of partners and professionals for specific topics.

As a consultant I have experiences on following services:

  • Business administrations
  • Business flow analysis
  • Software for business administration
  • Business IT
  • Project management
  • Web Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Development and Management of eCommerce
  • Development and Management of web sites
  • Software testing and QA