Since the beginning of my career, I made consultancies applying concepts learned at the Polytechnic of Turin while I was a student. Software Engineering, Business Information Systems, Logistics, Analysis and Management of Production Systems and Marketing are the areas that most caught my interest. In addition to these, my professional experience has added to my baggage of knowledge projects management experiences using Waterfall and AGILE methodologies and the testing of software.

Management Consulting

In the past I was applying my knowledge to improve business management in areas that I was figuring out to be too boring for employees and administrators of businesses. Time has passed since then, now I realized that many professional experiences are tied to very narrow business areas and not everyone has a complete vision of the business process.

In order to carry out an analysis of a business process and propose easily applicable solutions, it is necessary to know the scope of application of the process and the delicate interactions between the specific process and other business processes.

My experience allows me to carry out this task starting from the identification of the problems, the analysis of the root causes, study of ad-hoc solutions, development and application of the offered solutions.


In addition to management skills, my passion for technologies helped me increasing my knowledge about information technologies. I have often dealt with information management systems, websites and development of platforms for electronic commerce.


A consultant is not a superhero, theoretically he can do everything, but he often uses partners and professionals for specific topics. Below you will find some companies I cooperate with: Collaborations.